Sunday, January 5, 2014

[REPOST] Singkatan yang Sering Banget Muncul di Dunia Maya

Hi, Guys!
Hari ini gue mau ngasih tau tentang singkatan2 dalam Bahasa Inggris. Kita kan sering tu di Twitter atau FB, atau socmed lainnya nulis status pake tulisan LOL, ROTFL, STFU, dll. Banyak yang masih belum tau lengkapnya kan? Check these out....


AFAICR = As Far As I Can Recall/Remember
AFAICS = As Far As I Can See
AFAICT = As Far As I Can Tell
AFAIK = As Far As I Know
AFK = Away From Keyboard
ANFSCD = And Now For Something Completely Different (digunakan untuk mengganti subjek pembicaraan)
ASAP = As Soon As Possible
ASL = Age / Sex / Location
ATEOTD = At The End Of The Day
ATM = At The Moment
AWOL = Absent Without (Official) Leave
AYBABTU = All Your Base Are Belong To Us (dari video game Zero Wing)

B2B = Business to Business
B4 = Before
B& dan/atau B7 = Banned
BAS = Big Ass Smile
BBIAB = Be Back In A Bit
BBL = Be Back Later
BBN = Bye Bye Now
BBS = Be Back Shortly / Soon
BCNU = Be Seein' You
BEG = Big Evil Grin
BF = BoyFriend
BIBO = Beer In, Beer Out
BMW = Be My Wife
BOFH = B****** Operator From Hell
BRB = Be Right Back
BSOD = Blue Screen Of Death
BTDT = Been There Done That
BTW = By The Way
BUMP = Bring Up My Post
BWL = Bursting With Laughter

C&G = Chuckle and Grin
CICO = Coffee In, Coffee Out
CID = Crying In Disgrace
CNP = Continued Next Post
CM = Call Me
CMIIW = Correct Me If I'm Wrong
CP = Chat Post / Cross Posting
CRBT = Cring Real Big Tears
CSG = Chuckle Snicker Grin
CU = See you
CUL8R = See you Later 
CUIMD = See you In My Dream
CYA = See ya atau Cover Your Ass
CYA8R = See ya later

DFTT = Don't Feed The Trolls
DGAF = Don't Give A F***
DIAF = Die In A Fire
DILLIGAF = Does It Look Like I Give A Flip / F***
DILLIGAD = Does It Look Like I Give A Damn
DILLIGAS = Does It Look Like I Give A S***
DLTBBB = Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite
DND = Do Not Disturb
DOA = Dead On Arrival (mengacu pada sesuatu yang rusak saat pengiriman)

EG = Evil Grin
EMSG = Email Message
EOD = End Of Discussion
EOF = End Of File
EOM = End Of Message
EOL = End Of Life
EQ = EverQuest
ETA = Estimated Time of Arrival

FAQ = Frequently Asked Question(s)
FC = Finger Crossed
FFS = For F***'s Sake
FMCDH = From My Cold Dead Hands
FOAD = F*** Off And Die
FOAF = Friend Of A Friend
FTBOMH = From The Bottom Of My Heart
FTL = For The Loss
FTW = For The Win
FU = F*** You
FUBAR = F***** Up Beyond All Recognition / Repair (digunakan dalam dunia militer)
FUD = Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt
FWIW = For What It's Worth
FYI = For Your Information

G2G = Got To Go
GAL = Get A Life
GBTW = Get Back To Work
GF = Great / Good Fight / GirlFriend
GFN = Gone For Now
GFU = Good For You
GFY = Go F*** Yourself
GG = Good Game (digunakan pada atau mendekati kesimpulan akhir dari pertandingan)
GJ = Good Job (lebih sering digunakan dalam game online)
GMBA = Giggling My Butt Off
GMTA = Great Minds Think Alike
GR8 = Great
Gratz = Congratulations
GTFO = Get The F*** Out
GTG = Got To Go
GTSY = Glad To See You
GR = Good Race
GR8 = Great

H8 = Hate
H&K = Hug and Kiss
HABU = Have A Better 'Un
HAGN = Have A Good Night
HAGU = Have A Better 'Un
HAND = Have A Nice Day
HF = Have Fun
HHIS = Hanging Head In Shame
HTH = Hope This / That Helps
HUB = Heat Up Butt

IAE = In Any Event
IANAL = I Am Not A Lawyer
IBTL = In Before The Lock
IDC = I Don't Care
IDK = I Don't Know
IGP = I Gotta Pee
IIRC = If I Recall / Remember Correctly
IIUC = If I Understand Correctly
IMO = In My Opinion
IMHO = In My Humble Opinion
IMNSHO = In My Not So Humble Opinion
IMAO = In My Arrogant Opinion
IONO = I don't know
IOW = In Other Words
IRC = Internet Relay Chat
IRL = In Real Life
ITYM = I Think You Mean
IWSN = I Want Sex Now
IYKWIM = If You Know What I Mean

JFGI = Just F****** / Freaking Google It
JK / J/K = Just Kidding / Joke
JMO = Just My Opinion
JTLYK = Just To Let You Know

K or KK = Ok
KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid
KIT = Keep In Touch
KOC = Kiss On Cheek
KOL = Kiss On Lips
KOS = Kill On Sight
KTHX = Ok, thanks
KTHXBAI or KTHXBYE = OK, thanks, goodbye (digunakan baik untuk memotong percakapan yang singkat atau untuk mengekspresikan ketidaksenangan)

L2P = Learn to Play (teguran untuk pemain MMORPG yang tidak kompeten atau merengek)
L8R / L8ER = Later
LFG = Looking For Group
LFM = Looking For More
LHM = Lord Help Me
LHO = Laughing Head Off
LHU = Lord Help Us
LMAO = Laughing My Ass Off
LMFAO = Laughing My Frigging Ass Off
LMIRL = Let's Meet In Real Life
LMK = Let Me Know
LOL = Laugh / Laughing Out Loud
LSHMBB = Laughing So Hard My Belly Bouncing
LSHMBH = Laughing So Hard My Belly Hurts
LSHTTARDML = Lauging So Hard The Tears Are Running Down My Leg
LTNS = Long Time No See
LTS = Laughing To Self
LUWAMH = Loving you With All My Heart
LY = Love You

MMORPG = Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Game
MMOFPS = Massive Multi-player Online First Person Shooter
MOTD = Message Of The Day
MTF = More To Follow
MTFBWY = May The Force Be With You
MYOB = Mind Your Own Business
M8 = Mate

NADT = Not Darn Thing
NE1 = Anyone
NFI = No F****** Idea
NIFOC = Naked In Front Of Computer
NM / N/M = Not Much, Never Mind or No Message
NP = No Problem
NRN = No Reply Necessary
NSFW = Not Safe For Work
NVM / NVMD = Nevermind

O RLY = Oh really?
OIC = Oh, I see
OFN = Old F****** News
OL = Old Lady
OM = Old Man
OMG = Oh My God
OMFG = Oh My F****** God
OMW = On My Way / Oh My Word
OOT = Out Of Topic
OP = Original Poster / OPerator / OutPost
OS = Operating System
OT = Off Topic
OTOH = On The Other Hand
OTP = On The Phone / One True Pairing

P2P = Peer to Peer / Pay to Play
PAW = Parents Are Watching
PDS = Please Don't Shoot
PITA = Pain In The Arse / Ass
PLMK = Please Let Me Know
PM = Private Message
PMFJI = Pardon Me For Jumping In
PMP = Peed My Pants
PMSL = Pissing MySelf Laughing
POAHF = Put On A Happy Face
POS = Parent Over Shoulder
POTS = Plain Old Telephone Service
POV = Point Of View
PPL = People
PTKFGS = Punch The Keys For God's Sake
PW = Persistent World

QFT = Quoted For Truth (digunakan pada pesan internet untuk menyatakan setuju dengan pesan sebelumnya) 
QSL  = Reply
QSO = Conversation
QT = Cute

RL = Real Life
ROFL = Rolling On Floor Laughing
ROFLAPMP = Rolling On Floor Laughing And Peeing My Pants
ROFLMAO = Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off
ROFLMAOAY = Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off At You
ROFLMAOTIME = Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off with Tears In My Eyes
ROFLOL = Rolling On Floor Laughing Out Loud
ROTFL = Rolling On The Floor Laughing
ROTFLMAO = Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off
ROTFLOL = Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud
RSN = Real Soon Now (sarkastis)
RTFB = Read The F****** Binary / Book
RTFS = Read The F****** Source
RTFM = Read The F****** Manual
RTM = Read The Manual

SCNR = Sorry, Could Not Resist
SETE = Smiling Ear To Ear
SHID = Slaps Head In Disgust
Sk8 = Skate
Sk8r = Skater
SMH = Shaking My Head
SNAFU = Situation Normal, All F***** / Fouled Up
SNERT = Snot-Nosed Egotistical Rude Teenage
SO = Significant Other
SOB = Son Of Bitch
SOHF = Sense Of Humor Failure
SOL = Sorry, One Liner (meminta maaf karena pesan terlalu pendek)
SOTMG = Short Of Time Must Go 
SSIA = Subject Says It All
STFU = Shut The F*** up
STFW = Search The F****** Web
SWAK = Sealed With A Kiss
SWAS = Scientific Wild Ass Guess
SWL = Screaming With Laughter
SYS = See You Soon

TA = Thanks Again
TANSTAAFL = There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
TBE = To Be Expected
TBF = Time Between Failures
TBH = To Be Honest
TBYB = Try Before You Buy
TCOY = Tace Care Of Yourself 
TFTT = Thanks For The Thought
TG = That's Great
TGIC = Thanks God I'm Cute
TGIF = Thank God It's Friday
THX / THNX / TNX / TX = Thanks
TIA = Thanks In Advance
TILII = Tell It Like It Is 
TIMTOWTDI = There Is More Than One Way To Do It
TINALO = This Is Not A Legal Opinion
TINAR = This Is Not A Recommendation
TINC = There Is No Cabal (istilah teori konspirasi yang mengecilkan)
TMA = Take My Advice
TMI = Too Much Information
TNT = Till Next Time
TOS = Terms Of Service
TOY = Thinking Of You
TTBOMK = To The Best Of My Knowledge
TTFN = Ta Ta For Now
TTT = To The Top
TTYL / TTUL / T2UL / T2YL = Talk To You Later
TTYTT = To Tell You The Truth
TWIMC = To Whom It May Concern
TY = Thank You
TYT = Take Your Time
TYVM = Thank You Very Much

U = You
UTFSE = Use The F****** Search Engine

VOOT = Very Out Of Topic

W/ = With
W/O = Without
W/E = Whatever
WAS = Wild Ass Guess 
WB = Welcome Back
WBS = Write Back Soon
WOMBAT = Waste Of Money, Brain, And Time
WRT = With Respect / Regard To
WTA = Want To Ask
WTB = Want To Buy
WTF = What The F***
WTG = Way To Go
WTH = What The Hell
WTI = Want To Inform
WTS = Want To Sell
WTT = Want To Trade
WUG = What You Got?
WoW = World of Warcraft (game)
WUBU2 = What You Been Up To?
WUU2 = What You Up To?
WYGIWYPF = What You Get Is What You Pay For
WYSIWYG = What You See Is What You Get
W8 = Wait

YARLY = Yeah, really
YBS = You'll Be Sorry 
YG = Young Gentleman
YHBT = You Have Been Trolled
YKW = You Know What?
YL = Young Lady
YM = Young Man
YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary
YTMND = You're The Man Now, Dog
YW = You're Welcome
YOLO = You Only Live Once
YOYO = You're On Your Own

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