Saturday, January 4, 2014


Because of Twitter, sometimes we forget the joy of being alone.
Because of Twitter, we rarely completely enjoy something since we are now too busy tweeting about that.
Because of Twitter, we lose the excitement of getting to know strangers.
Because of Twitter, we speculate too much over something.
Because of Twitter, it becomes too easy for us to believe in something though we have not proven that what we read is true.
Because of Twitter, we judge people only upon what they write.
Because of Twitter, our mask gets thicker, and thicker, yet it becomes easier for us to fake ourselves.
Because of Twitter, we think we know someone too much.
Because of Twitter, we stalk people, we want to know everything about them.
Because of Twitter, sometimes we don’t respect people’s privacy anymore.
Because of Twitter, we forget that we are human who have the ability to control our behavior and blame a social networking website instead. 


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